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    WaterLinx now called Fluidra WaterLinx was established in South Africa 20 years ago and is currently part of the listed Spanish multinational group Fluidra, a company devoted to developing products and solutions for the sustainable use of water in leisure, sports and therapeutic applications associated with swimming pools, spas and wellness centres, for domestic, commercial and public use, as well as domestic irrigation and fluid handling products.

    The South African operation manufactures and distributes product for local and export professional trade customers and retailers through an ISO9001 accredited factory and over 30 distribution centres and sub distributors.

    Integrated business model in South Africa

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      Center that focuses on introducing new and improved products.
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      Logistics operators to ensure fast and reliable deliveries.
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      Beyond the supply of all the product, we are experts in design and engineering water projects.
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      4 flexible multitechnology plants.
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      13 points of sale plus 10 sub distributors.
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      Our team
      500 people employed.

    What we do?


    Customer Profile in South Africa

    Professional Pool Trade

    • 2000 active purchasing customers

    Commercial Pools Gymnasiums

    • Schools
    • Hotels
    • Lodges Municipal Pools
    • Theme Parks

    National & Regional Retailers


    Fluidra’s mission is to take care of people’s well-being and health through the sustainable use of water for leisure, sports and therapeutic applications.

      We offer staff an environment rich in opportunities to realise their full personal and professional potential.
      Our entire organisation is customer-focused to offer a relationship based on trust, excellent service, and efficient, sustainable and innovative solutions.
      We aim to increase our company’s value based on our commitment to ethics and good governance.
      We seek to progress together by building long-lasting relationships based on ethics, trust and mutual benefit.
      Our corporate social responsibility commits to contributing to the development of our social environment.
      We are committed to future generations by promoting the responsible use of water and by applying rigorous sustainability criteria.


    In order to achieve loyalties described in our Mission, we rely on the fulfillment of our Corporative Values:

      We identify opportunities and adapt to them with an entrepreneurial approach.
      We encourage the creativity of our employees as a continuous improvement driver.
      We are open to listening and exchanging views to learn and improve every day.
      We are committed to honesty, consistency and respect in the day-to-day running of our business.

    Our Position on BEE

    WaterLinx recognizes Black Economic Empowerment as a business, legal and social imperative, vital for the long-term prosperity of our business and the South African economy at large. We are therefore committed to a process of progressive transformation, aimed at the involvement of previously disadvantaged people in all aspects of our business, as shareholders, employees, suppliers and customers.

    Our approach to BBBEE is informed by the following convictions:
    The diversity of our people constitutes a principal, innate strength within our business;

    The BBBEE initiative provides a sound building block from which to transform and grow our operations;
    We believe that a fully empowered organization is defined by an inclusive knowledge sharing structure;

    This initiative presents a significant opportunity to normalise the domestic economy and to contribute to tangible economic growth.

    WaterLinx wishes to be instrumental in this regard and as such has identified the following seven areas of approach:

    • Employment Equity and Affirmative Action
    • Skills Development
    • Preferential Procurement
    • Equity Ownership
    • Managerial Control
    • Small Enterprise Development
    • Social Responsibility

    Our approach to each of these main areas is detailed in our BBBEE Policy.

    Our Transformation Vehicle

    WaterLinx is in the process of constituting a representative transformation forum to:

    • Enhance communication on matters of mutual interest;
    • Ensure participation in the setting of transformational objectives;
    • Monitor implementation and progress on transformation projects;
    • Report to the Board on progress made in all areas of transformation and continuous improvement; and
    • Enhance collaboration in the workplace.

    BBBEE forms an integral part of our espoused value system, which in turn supports our Group Strategy to cement our position as the most successful swimming pool and spa products provider in Africa.

    WaterLinx firmly supports the swimming pool and spa trade in Southern Africa through various initiatives and investments:

    • Reward and loyalty programmes, whereby we give a portion of our profit back to our customers;
    • Skills training for customers staff;
    • Free on site deliveries;
    • Credit facilities;
    • Marketing and point of sale support;
    • In house sales support;
    • Onsite warranty repair at the homeowners’ premises;All electrical products
    • are ISO9001 and NRCS certified;
    • Consumer marketing and advertising through electronic, social and printed media;
    • BEE support and development programmes.

    We also manufacture as much as we can locally and we support local suppliers first. We employ South Africans and our profit stays in South Africa.

    Look for the brands, Quality, Sun Command, Africhem, Pool Command, Blu52 and Gemini – they are home-grown and they work!


    Fluidra Waterlinx has successfully supplied swimming pool customers in the USA, Europe, UAE, Australasia and Africa for many years.

    Swimming pool pumps, solar heating and automatic pool cleaners continue to perform well in these markets, where our products are well priced and reliable.

    Fluidra Waterlinx Exports, which handles all export business, is situated at our factories to facilitate consolidation of orders and for customers to view our facilities and processes.



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